Learning web development is a great way to get out of your 💩  job and start making a better life for yourself. You’ll have more autonomy, more opportunities to exercise your creativity, and more 💰. I’m Devon, and I’ll help you get there, not only through development tips for beginners, but also through advice on how to transition to your new career.

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Am I too old to become a web developer?


Age anxiety among aspiring web developers is common. Ageism is real. Learn the best tool you can use to combat it as you transition to a career in web development.

The Most Valuable Skill for Web Developers


Although technical skills are important, they can only get us so far. What's more important to the people who hire us is whether we can take a business problem and build a solution for it. Here's how to hack your current methodology to incorporate this into your work.

Stopping Silly Mistakes in Your Code with Linters


If you find yourself making silly mistakes like not closing braces or forgetting commas, linters are a great way to smooth out the rough edges on your code. They let you spend less time on the silly mistakes. Here's how to use them.

Why can’t I use parseInt with map in Javascript?


If you've tried to use Javascript's parseInt with map to convert a list of numeric strings into actual numbers, you probably saw unexpected results. In this post, you'll learn why it behaves this way and how to fix it.

Using the LocalStorage API


Sometimes you need to persist data but a database isn't necessary. In some cases, you can store your data right in the browser with LocalStorage. Learn how to use the LocalStorage API and when you might be able to get away with using it instead of a heavier alternative.

How do I know if I’m ready for my first web development job?


This is a common question among aspiring developers. How much do I need to learn before I'm ready to go get a job? Let's address the fears and assumptions bundled into this questions with some practical advice that will open your eyes to a better way to start your career.