What Is Rad Devon?

You aren’t happy with your job. You’d like something better, but you feel like you don’t have much control. You see people doing amazing, fulfilling work. You want to be like them, but you know they’re somehow different from you — smarter, luckier, better connections…

Devon wearing a black shirt and black glasses, standing against a gray retaining wall, smiling at the camera

This is how I thought about my career until very recently. Now, I earn six figures 💰 as a web developer. I live in the city of my dreams (Seattle, in case you’re curious) 🌃, do work that excites me 😍, and learn something new every day 🤔. I’m healthier 💪 and happier 😌. I have more time to pursue my interests, work on my own projects, and spend time with my family.

Rad Devon is where I share what I’ve learned so you can do it too. 🤘

Why Learn Here?

Here’s what makes RadDevon.com different:

  1. It’s not just technical. Being a web developer is not just about learning to write code. You need to be able to get work, but, before you can even do that, you need to find the motivation to learn a whole bunch of stuff. It’s an often overlooked part of becoming a developer.
  2. Build connections. When you start getting immersed into this whole world of new skills, it’s important to be able to understand why things work the way they do and to connect concepts to things you already understand in the real world. This makes your learning more sticky.
  3. Don’t skip the details. I could write shorter posts and make shorter videos by glossing over the details, but, if you follow along, it’s not going to work. Instead, I want to give you everything you need from start to finish, even if it takes a little longer. I make mountains out of molehills because you’re more likely to remember mountains 🏔.
  4. No foo, bar, and baz in tutorials. The point of learning is to be able to apply it. These abstract tutorials don’t get you any closer to understanding how to apply what you’ve learned.

Can I Do This?

I used to wake up every day dreading my job. I’d go in to work. They’d tell me where to stand, exactly what to do, what to say, how to dress, and when to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t help thinking, “Is this what being an adult is?” It felt just like being in school 🏫. When I shared this with people, they told me that being an adult is about doing what you’re told. Everyone hates their job. This is the reality if you want to be responsible.

Responsibility is certainly part of adulthood, but blind compliance doesn’t have to be. Looking back, I realize I was having this experience because my contribution wasn’t valued. I was a body filling up a space, doing mundane tasks anyone could have done. I wasn’t an asset; I was a liability. Both my pay and the level of respect I was shown reflected that.

I believe you can build an incredible life just like I did. I’m not a genius 👨‍🔬. I don’t have a crazy math background 📈. Heck, I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree 👨‍🎓. I’m just a regular dude who figured out how to control the matrix, just a tiny bit. 😉