Introducing The Thinkful Flaskcast!

I started Thinkful‘s online Python bootcamp a while back in an effort to beef up my back-end development skills. As the course was wrapping up, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get my final project to where I wanted it to be before the end of the course. As I thought about how to fix this problem, I also heard they were looking for ways to tell prospective students what their live mentoring sessions are like. I pitched the idea that I could continue in the course and record my sessions so that they could show exactly how mentoring works.

From this, the Flaskcast was born. The app I’m building is a control interface for my local maker space, the Knox Makers. This will control a remote monitoring system they’re setting up in their hackerspace. I’m embedding the first three episodes of the Flaskcast here for your enjoyment. Many more episodes are still to come.

For more information about the contents of the videos, click through to their Vimeo pages where you’ll find clickable timestamps with the various discussion topics.

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