Although Pixed has closed, I have a live demo of the site available online.

Pixed was the premium newsletter for educators. It covered a classroom technology topic in-depth bi-weekly. The sample issue is still available and covers podcasting in the classroom.

Slices was a free bi-weekly newsletter with a cool tech resource in each issue.

The Pixed web site told prospective subscribers what they could expect from each newsletter and captured sign-ups.

Design of both the web site and the newsletter were made to be clean, beautiful, and responsive.

Flat redesign

Got rid of the drop-shadows and made the green a bit less garish in this redesign of the Pixed site.

Original design

The Pixed front-end is based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework. It kept the drop-shadows present in Bootstrap by default until I decided to clean things up a bit with a later update.

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Slices newsletter

The newsletter templates capture the look and feel of the site. This is challenging since building for display in an email client is very much like turning back the clock on all the advances in web development over the last 10 years.

The drop shadow under the header bar here which replicates the drop shadow on the site at the time was particularly difficult. This is a simple CSS property on the desktop, but that property isn't widely supported by email clients. Instead, I've used a table gradually changing the background colors of subsequent rows to achieve the gradient effect. The technique feels a little wrong, but it works and is compatible with email clients.